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Want to talk to fellow data mesh implementers?

Data Mesh Understanding founder Scott Hirleman knows a bit about connecting people to each other in data mesh. He's facilitated 100+ introductions and put together 10+ panels for Data Mesh Radio.

Scott still believes the best way to learn is by chatting with other implementers. That's why he's interviewed over 100 people implementing data mesh for Data Mesh Radio. But just listening pales in comparison to asking the questions yourself! So, now you can get to talk to your fellow implementers. And it's free!

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Request introductions from an anonymized spreadsheet of fellow implementers (tight screening so no sales people or the like). Plus, multiple roundtables per month on crucial data mesh topics like governance, driving buy-in, interoperability, and much more.

There is no one in the burgeoning Data Mesh field that know more practitioners than Scott Hirleman. But Scott is not this clueless networker, he really understands the paradigm, the needs for the enterprise, and the problems they are facing. He is an invaluable resource."

Grab your spot and get to understanding data mesh.

Get access to your fellow implementers. Save yourself time and headaches!

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